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V minulých dnech se naši žáci zúčastnili zájezdu do Velké Británie. Střípky z nepřeberného množství jejich postřehů a dojmů najdete zde. (Plné znění potom již brzy přímo ve škole na nástěnce.)

“It was such a fun. We were divided to families in pairs. Me and my friend Natalie stayed by Laura Cowens’s house. She is a really nice woman, and her family is amazing. She and her husband Benjamin have two beautiful little daughters, Isabelle and Grace. The younger one, Grace, was not communicative, just like her father, but she has got a really beautiful smile, that she gave us every single time when she met us. … Our room was really cool, we slept in one big comfy bed, even though that we didn't have to do that, because there were two of them. … I really enjoyed that week, I have met so many amazing people, I have visited so many charming places and now I have so many memories that I will never ever be able to forget.“
V. V. - 9.C

“Last week we travelled to the UK. We were staying there for one week. … We had a good time.”
A. P. - 9.C

“It was awesome.”
J. M. - 9.C

“Our trip to England was unsurprisingly amazing. It’d been a shock when we first met our co-travellers, that for sure but when we got to know them a bit better, it was relaxing to find that they were all right. … I really enjoyed our trip in general. But Stonehenge and London were the best ones. Spinnaker Tower probably too. Portsmouth was lovely and Bara and I had a cup of hot chocolate there, when it was raining.
H. T. - 9.A

“It was very nice in England. … We bought very nice socks there. … I liked the family, but we had a small room and two dogs.”
F. J. - 9.C

“It was one of the most interesting journeys I have ever been on. …. The family we lived with was very kind and friendly. The food is different than in the Czech Republic, but it is also very tasty. … I have found many new friends.”
T. H. - 7.B

“… Then we went to Winchester, former capital city. After that we went back to our families and we gave them presents from us. For dinner we had little burgers with fries. … Next day we were in Salisbury. There is a cathedral with the tallest tower in England. … Then we went to Bath. There we were in Roman Bath Museum and after the visit we could go to Primark.”
M. R. - 9.C

“It was the first day of our trip when we visited London. First we went through a park in Greenwich. Then we got to Tower of London. … Nearby is Tower Bridge, which carries cars and opens for ships.”
N. B . - 7.B

“In fourth day I thought I lost my wallet. I had all my money in it. I was scared. But after a while in the Garden (Osborne House on the Isle of Wight) I didn’t care about my wallet because it was breath-taking. … The most interesting place of the fifth day was Stonehenge. We don’t know who and why Stonehenge was built. I think Stonehenge was used for sacrificing people to the Gods. The Romans Baths in Bath were established in 43 A.D. by Romans. It wasn’t very interesting because there were many stones. You know, STONES :/”
J. K. - 9.C

“I liked the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Arsenal, the Tower of London and the Spinnaker Tower. I didn’t like the Stonehenge much, because I thought it was bigger.”
B. V. - 8.C

“Bus journeys were very challenging, but we all arrived home with joy and satisfaction.”
R. S. - 9.C

“After few hours our bus arrived to place where we met our new English families for the first time. My family was great. They were so nice to us and we had a good time with them. In our family there was Lucy and her two children. They also had a cat called Coco. … I really enjoyed our trip. I met new people and have new friends. I also saw many interesting and beautiful places. It was amazing.”
B. R. - 9.A


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